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Wrongful Death

Wrongful death refers to a death that is caused by a wrongful act by someone else. It can be either intentional or accidental. Family members like parents, children, or wife can claim for the wrongful death of the deceased person. The family of the deceased often gets compensation in the case of wrongful death.

Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are often extremely significant and can be caused by a variety of accidents involving physical impact to the head. Examples of accidents that can lead to brain injuries include car accidents, construction accidents, and sporting accidents.

Car Accidents

Auto accidents are one of the most common occurrences on the streets these days. A car accident can be fatal for you and often leads to death due to the blunt trauma from the accident. If your car is insured and is severely damaged in the accident, you will get the insurance money.

Truck Accidents

You can get hit by a truck, or your vehicle can collide with a truck — either way, it’s a truck accident. In general, truck accidents are very risky and can result in serious injuries that might lead to your death. If you’re hit by a truck on the street, that also falls under wrongful death.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents occur frequently and can be the riskiest of accidents out there. The mortality rate from motorcycle accidents is quite high, mostly because of the lack of protection while riding a motorcycle.

Pedestrian Accidents

We represent people who were injured by buses or cars while crossing the streets. In most cases, the pedestrian suffers huge losses because of the blunt force trauma. Although there are safety rules regarding crossing the streets, pedestrian accidents are still common. We will help you recover medical bills, lost wages and other expenses incurred in such an accident.

Bus Accidents

Bus accidents occur when the bus collides with another bus, truck or just hits an object on the road. In hilly areas, bus drivers sometimes lose control of the vehicle and fall down the hills. Losing control of the bus often results in severe accidents too.

Uber Accidents

If you recently got into a rideshare accident with Uber, you’re entitled to an injury compensation. Uber accidents can go from minor injuries to serious damages that can turn out to be fatal for the passengers. We will help you file a claim, take legal action and do what’s best for your Uber accident case.

Lyft Accidents

It is another popular ride-sharing service, and the chances of an accident while riding a Lyft car is not minimal. Your Lyft car might crash into a pole or hit another car or bus, resulting in severe damage to the car and often to the passengers too. We can help you if you have been involved in a Lyft accident.

Bicycle Accidents

These accidents are quite common in roads where there aren’t separate lanes for bicycles and tricycles. In many cases, bicycles get hit by buses or cars. Speeding cars and buses are usually the main reason behind bicycle accidents.

Distracted Driving Accidents

Drivers can be distracted for many reasons. They might be intoxicated by alcohol or other substances, they might not be in the right state of mind, or a sudden object on the street can cause distraction. A distracted driver can cause a serious distracted driving accident at times.

SUV Rollover

While it’s quite common for a vehicle to roll over, SUV rollover accidents are one of the most common occurrences. This is because they have a high center of gravity and can easily roll over if hit by another vehicle or if it suddenly gets to an uneven surface. The weight of an SUV is higher up, hence the risk of rolling over is higher.

Uber Sexual Assault

There have been several complaints against Uber drivers sexually assaulting passengers. The assault can range from verbal assault to more complicated assaults like molestation. Either way, there are strong punishments against any sort of sexual harassment.


If a person is paralyzed because of someone else being irresponsible, then the victim can file a lawsuit against that person. For elderly patients, a caretaker is mandatory. But if the caretaker shows negligence and it results in paralysis, then they’ll be held responsible for the paralysis.

Wrongful Termination

In many offices, wrongful termination has become a common phenomenon. When a person joins a new job, he and the office administration signs a contract. The person accepts all the rules and regulations, and in return, the office agrees to a few bindings too. If the employee is wrongfully terminated, this means that the office administration broke the agreement.

Pool Accidents

Swimming pool accidents can range from basic injuries from jumping to water from a high place to fatal injuries like drowning and death. Usually, a pool has several lifeguards and instructors. If someone gets hurt or dies even after their supervision, then they’re partially responsible for the accident.


Severe personal injuries from electrocution can happen in many different ways. People can purposefully electrocute someone with the motive of injuring them. Again, a faulty or open wire can unintentionally electrocute a random person. Shock injuries can be fatal, and negligence can be a reason behind such injuries.


Traumatic personal injuries can result in amputation. It may be necessary when an injury is too severe, or the affected area is beyond healing. Again, in different accidents, limbs of your body might get stuck, and to rescue you, body parts might have to be amputated. We can help you get the best settlement for loss-of-limb injuries.

Police Misconduct

It is a serious offense when a police officer demonstrates brutality, coercion, dishonesty or fraud. Police misconducts range from verbal abuse to sexual and physical abuse. If, in any case, a police officer does any kind of police misconduct or abuse to you — they’re bound to be sued.


Our TCPA lawyers can protect your rights concerning the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). This act prohibits any person from texting/calling you through automated dialing systems. If they do it without getting your prior permission, you can use TCPA and sue the companies.

Business Litigation

Doing business is, in no way, a simple task. There can be many different hurdles, including rapid losses that might lead to bankruptcy. In order to keep up to date with law and order, you need a business lawyer to oversee the technical side of your business.

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