Lyft Accident Lawyer

Lyft accidents are reasonably common. Injuries from a Lyft accident can be severe and sometimes fatal. A Lyft accident can leave you with issues like property damage, loss of income, and a stack of medical bills. In fatal accidents, the victim's death may place their family in financial hardship.

In most Lyft accidents, victims are dealing with the onset of shock. You're not in the right state of mind to converse with the authorities, collect evidence or negotiate with Lyft officials. It will also be challenging for you to assess the dollar value of the damage incurred during the accident.

Our expert attorneys will ensure Lyft pays you a fair settlement. If the management doesn't plan to pay you out or delay your compensation, your Lyft accident lawyer will take the company to court to pursue your claim. Our experienced and professional attorneys have years of experience handling rideshare accident claims.

Have Your Case Reviewed by California's Top Lyft Accident Injury Lawyers

Recovering from a rideshare accident takes time. While recovering, it's tough to estimate the value of the damages done to you and your property by the Lyft driver. However, the bodily injury and medical costs of such accidents are measurable.

If Lyft calls you to offer you a settlement, it's best to consult with rideshare accident lawyers before accepting any offer from the insurer. Our legal team is ready to help you evaluate the settlement value. We'll estimate the current damages and any future medical costs you may have to incur during your treatment.

Lyft has an accident claim division handling rideshare accidents. So, if you're injured by Lyft vehicles, you must seek compensation. Our legal team helps you decide on the settlement value offering your fair compensation for your injuries, property damage, loss of income, and emotional distress.

Our Rideshare Accident Attorney Will

• Make an estimation of your current losses and future costs caused by the accident
• Make a strong case of personal injury via Lyft vehicles
• Investigate and gather all the necessary evidence to support your claim
• Negotiate with Lyft regarding the best possible settlement offers
• Determine the legal liabilities of the Lyft drivers involved
• Contact and consult with medical experts for treatment options in case of severe bodily injury
• Go through your personal auto insurance policy and try to maximize your insurance claim
• Fight for your personal injury claim in the court
• Instruct you to file a lawsuit against the Lyft driver and the company authorities

How Our Lyft Accident Attorneys Can Help?

Liability often becomes an issue when a Lyft driver causes a car accident. The victims can be confused about whether to claim compensation from the rideshare company, the Lyft driver, or both. In any case, you should be able to recover the damages you incurred in a rideshare accident.

Lyft accident attorneys fight for your legal rights. We aim to achieve the best possible settlement for your case. Our highly experienced legal team understands that accidents can have life-altering effects on your body, mind, finances, and relationships.

Our firm strives to build a strong personal injury case, actively pursuing the insurer. We have the legal means and resources to receive the settlement you deserve.

Offer Legal Help and Information

Lyft has policies relating to car accidents caused by contracted drivers. Therefore, the legal procedures involved with filing a claim and pursuing compensation are different from a standard personal injury claim.

It means you have a higher chance of recovering the best settlement when appointing a lawyer well-versed in these Lyft accident policies. A specialist Lyft accident lawyer knows how much you can recover from auto insurance and what to do when this particular insurance is exhausted.

Determine the Value of Your Losses

At the initial stage of the claim process, it seems like medical bills and lost income are the only two expenses following your Lyft accident. You may find it challenging to estimate your overall losses, including but not limited to ongoing healthcare expenses, diminishment of quality of life due to disability, loss of earning potential, and rehabilitation costs.

A competent, professional Lyft accident attorney considers your emotional impact and suffering when filing your claim. You may receive non-economic damages for your pain and suffering.

Attain Your Desired Settlement

Capitalizing on your situation is the best way to achieve the maximum insurance payout. An insurance company will be on the other side of the negotiation. They will try to downsize your claim, so unless you show a higher claim value, you might not be able to recover the full extent of your financial losses.

Between accepting a ride and dropping the passenger at their destination, Lyft shares a $1-million initial liability coverage per accident and an additional $1-million for uninsured and underinsured motorists (UIM and UM).

The insurance limit for bodily injury in a Lyft accident is $50,000. If you can show significant property damage, you may receive up to $25,000 from the rideshare company.

However, filing a personal injury lawsuit against rideshare companies could take months before you see compensation. If you have enough evidence, you can recover most of the damages eventually.

Win Your Lyft Accident Injury Negotiation

If you're attempting to secure fair compensation from a rideshare accident injury, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The quicker you file a claim, the sooner the legal process can begin. A personal injury attorney can recover financial damages that you incurred from the driver's negligence.

Most rideshare accidents occur due to distracted, aggressive, or drunk driving and negligence on behalf of the driver towards following traffic rules. As a passenger, you can suffer significant bodily damage and loss of income following a reckless driving incident.

California law allows you to file a legal claim for compensation and press charges when necessary. If the insurance coverage of the rideshare driver fails to cover your medical bills, you can claim from Lyft's insurance coverage.

Lyft is liable to cover any outstanding expense not covered by the driver's personal auto insurance policy. To have California's top-rated personal injury lawyers on your case, contact our team for a free consultation.

Lyft Policies That You Should Know

Lyft policies for rideshare accidents state the company provides compensation above the contracted driver's commercial auto liability insurance. Lyft will also offer contingent collision insurance for a rideshare driver with collision coverage on their personal auto policy.

If you're involved in an accident with a Lyft driver, you cannot expect to recover the insurance ceiling without the service of a skilled litigator. You may only secure a fraction of the insurance coverage depending on the nature of your car accident.

Lyft accident lawyers from our firm make the most of the responsible party's insurance coverage. After reaching the driver's insurance limit, they take the necessary steps to recover your uncompensated, out-of-pocket medical bills from Lyft.

If you suffer serious injuries from rideshare car accidents, it's critical for you to hire a skilled lawyer to get fair compensation as soon as possible.

To prove the liability of either party, you'll need sufficient proof. This evidence includes medical bills and documents, police reports (if any), witness reports, photographic evidence, and rideshare details.

How to Maximize the Insurance Settlement?

After any sort of accident related to Lyft, the first thing you should do is to contact a Lyft accident lawyer. The attorney files a claim for Lyft insurance coverage right after the ridesharing accident. This strategy helps you recall the details surrounding the accident are fresh in your mind.

Lyft and its legal team will review the following factors to move your settlement forward.
• The degree of fault admitted by the Lyft driver
• Witness statements, Police reports, and photographic evidence
• Traffic violations initiated by the Lyft driver
• A proper estimation of property damage or physical damage

Our law firm has expert attorneys specializing in dealing with rideshare accidents. Your attorney negotiates with the Lyft authorities and checks for liability insurance. Lyft usually handles the driver's personal insurance coverage, but our investigators will manage the process for you on your behalf.

From past experience, we believe Lyft accident victims need to fulfill some basic requirements to boost the merits of their case.

Keep a Detailed Record of the Accident

Lyft drivers will try their best to save their jobs and remove evidence if possible. So, you need to act quickly. Try to keep all sorts of records of the collisions – from when the accident happened to when police arrived.

Police reports, witness statements, medical records, and photographic evidence are necessary to get the upper hand in the case and the settlement you deserve against Lyft. Even if the compensation is denied or delayed, you can lodge a rideshare accident claim in court with accurate records of hospital receipts, police reports, and information about the accident.

Know When to Hire a Lyft Accident Attorney

If you don't have health insurance coverage in the case of a serious accident, seeking legal advice is a must. Ridesharing companies like Lyft offer compensation and insurance, but your evidence and personal injury case need to be strong to get the best settlement possible.
If you require prompt medical treatment on scene, our attorney files a personal injury claim to get compensation from Lyft to cover your treatment.

Factors Impacting the Settlement Value for a Lyft Accident

At our law firm, we get our clients the compensation they deserve for the auto accidents and injuries caused by the Lyft driver's negligence. Our rideshare accident attorneys ensure the victim receives full compensation if it's an accident caused by a Lyft driver.

Lyft accidents vary in intensity and severity. Reckless or distracted driving are the most common causes of Lyft accidents. However, some examples of contributing accident factors are highway hazards, defective parts, and unsafe roads.

Moreover, the accident could seriously injure the Lyft driver. However, Lyft has liability insurance to care for the driver's injuries and property damage.

In cases of minor injuries, the victim may decide not to press charges against the rideshare services — but this inaction is a mistake. Our law firm is there to help you receive compensation and ensure the Lyft driver doesn't place anyone else's life at risk in the future.

Once you appoint our law firm, our skilled attorneys will swiftly calculate the total economic damages due to you. We'll use the following factors to establish the financial liability involved with your claim.

  • Number of Liable parties
  • The severity of injuries
  • Treatment length
  • The cost of your pain and suffering
  • Caps on insurance policy limits

Documents You Need Before Filing a Claim

  • Name of the Lyft driver at fault
  • Driver's License and Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN)
  • Full address and contact number of the driver

Should You Accept the Settlement Offer from Insurance Companies?

After the accident, it's up to you to file a claim with Lyft to compensate you for your damages. The accident division at Lyft will review your claim and hand it to an adjuster. The adjuster will attempt to write down your claim value, low-balling your settlement offer.

The insurance adjuster minimizes repair costs and hospital bills, leaving you out of pocket for your medical treatment, vehicle repairs, or the property replacement value. Lyft has three types of third-party liability insurance based on the severity of the injuries and the damages done by the driver. The lowest amount is $25,000 for property damage, while the highest is $100,000 for severe injuries.

However, Lyft has different policies regarding accidents. If you're not careful, you might receive much lower compensation. For this reason, you need an experienced Lyft accident attorney to handle your case. We'll review the insurer's settlement and negotiate with them to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Tips for Negotiating a Lyft Accident Settlement

The insurance company does everything it can to mitigate financial responsibility. Trying to navigate the process yourself is frustrating. It could take months to receive a low-ball settlement from the company, leaving you out-of-pocket for your medical expenses and property repair or replacement.

Why navigate the process yourself when you can have the professionals do it for you? Our Lyft accident lawyers ensure you get a fast, timeous settlement of your claim to the value you deserve.

Start with a Relatively High Amount in Your Opening Demand Letter

Proper negotiation with insurers is challenging if you have no experience handling these issues. A Lyft accident attorney has thousands of hours negotiating with insurers and presenting cases in court. With a professional handling your case, you won't fall into the trap of accepting a low-ball offer.

Your attorney pitches the highest reasonable figure for your settlement and negotiates a middle ground with the insurer. The attorney keeps the situation open and flexible for the insurer, allowing the insurance adjuster to settle for a reasonable compensation amount.

Show Consistent Medical Care to Strengthen Your Case

An insurance company requires medical reports to fully compensate victims for their pain, suffering, and treatment. If you have extensive injuries requiring prolonged treatment and care, your attorney shows Lyft your constant need for medical assistance.

Factors Influencing the Settlement Decision after a Lyft Accident

Several factors influence the jury's decision if you go to court to challenge Lyft's compensation offer.

  • Your overall medical expenses
  • Income lost due to the accident and recovery time
  • A general estimate of medical treatment required in future
  • Estimate of compensation for pain and suffering
  • Existing or recurring medical conditions before the incident
  • Deciding if other drivers or the victim is fully or partially liable for the accident

What to Do if the Insurance Company Doesn't Offer a Fair Settlement?

If you decide to file your claim and receive a low-ball offer from the Lyft insurance division, you don't have any leverage to challenge the claim. Every Lyft accident is different, and if the insurance adjuster doesn't have any plan to pay more than the minimal first offer — you'll need to hire a lawyer to take the matter to court.

Your attorney will negotiate with the insurer, using evidence and an understanding of the law to ensure you get fair compensation for your claim. If the insurer doesn't comply, we have the resources to take them to court on your behalf. In serious cases, if the victim has no fault and the liability lies entirely with the Lyft driver — the court rules in favor of the victim, winning full compensation.

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