Liver King Fraud

Liver King Fraud – Were You Scammed by the Liver King?

Can you become a "Primal" just by eating raw liver and cows' testicles? Is that all it takes to achieve slabs of muscle hanging from your frame? The Liver King convinced many people that all they need to achieve a muscular physique is to workout and consume his supplements containing liver and testicles, without the use of steroids. If you purchased the Liver King's products based on his promises and assurances that he was natural and steroid-free, we can help.

If you purchased Ancestral Supplements based on the Liver King's Promises that he was natty and only took the Liver King's supplements, you may be entitled to compensation from the Liver King, who made hundreds of millions of dollars from people like you. CALL OUR LAWYERS TODAY for a free consultation.

Who is the Liver King?

Brian Johnson, aka "The Liver King," is one of the biggest fitness social media stars of the last 18 months. He's been doing the rounds on the biggest podcasts, preaching about living the "9 Ancestral Tenants." Seriously, you can't open Instagram and search "bodybuilding" or "fitness" without coming across Brian. Liver King is huge. He's 200lbs at 5'7" with muscles that look like they're carved from granite and washboard abs.

And he's all this at 43 years of age.

The Controversy Surrounding the Liver King

The issue with the Liver King is that despite Brian's mass-monster chiseled physique, he spent the last year and a half on social media claiming he's all-natural. Liver King went on the largest podcast platform on YouTube, spreading a message that he built his physique through "36 years of blood-boiling workouts twice a day."

When podcasters challenged him about using steroids, Brain repeatedly said “I don’t touch the stuff. I’ve never done the stuff. I’m not going to do the stuff.” Instead, he claims to live to his "9 Ancestral Tenants," and they are responsible for building his enormous physique.

Along with the "9 Ancestral Tenants," Liver King is most known for consuming a raw meat diet. He shovels down plate-loads of raw liver, heart, kidneys, and even testicles – yes, testicles.

Liver King claims the combination of his raw meat "carnivore" diet and living life by "The 9 Ancestral Tenants" is all it takes for anyone to get uber-jacked. If you eat balls for breakfast and workout, you, too, can be a shredded mass monster like Brian.

Whenever anyone challenged Brian about his obvious drug use, he would ultimately deny it. Even his business partner, Paul Saladino, claims he had no idea Brian was using PEDs.

Liver King even went as far as to post a video where he had a bunch of hypodermic syringes stuck in bones and meat, filled with "maple syrup" He stated he knew nothing about PEDs and how to use them, and he never touched the stuff.

He repeatedly preached that he knew nothing about protocols involving steroid use and pharmacological enhancement of the body.

Liver King said it was "his fight" to help the young men committing suicide worldwide, living a life of anxiety and depression. He said his goal was to show people you can achieve your goals naturally, with the power of will, and living the "9 Ancestral Tenants."

It turns out – It was all a lie.

Ancestral Supplements Scam - The Truth Comes Out

Sooner or later, the truth always comes out – and that moment for the Liver King arrived on Tuesday, the 29th of November 2022. The cat was proverbially taken out of the bag when the YouTuber Derek from the channel "More Plates More Dates" released a video titled "The Liver King Lie."

The video amassed over 4 million views in its first week, becoming the YouTuber's most popular video on his channel. In the video, Derek reveals how Liver King's former trainer, "Vigorous Steve," a competitive bodybuilder himself, sent him a batch of emails from the Liver King, dated June 2021, asking to employ Steve's services.

The chain of emails, notably from Brian Johnson's official email account at Ancestral Supplements, shows the real truth of the Liver King's physique. Brian tells Steve he's ready to commit to a year of client relations with Steve and tells him about his business, training lifestyle – and, most importantly, his PED use.

The reality is Liver King isn't natural. He's taking a ton of gear. He states how his goal is to lose the fat around his abs and lower back, as he's getting old and finds it hard to diet it away. He also shares that he aims to reach 1 million followers on Instagram by mid-2022.

The laundry list of Brian's drugs is nothing short of shocking. Here's his stack, mentioned in the emails from July 2021.

  • 10 IUs of "Omnitrope" (a pharma-grade HGH, costing him $5,000 per month alone).
  • IGF-1 LR (a peptide used to mimic HGH).
  • CJC 1295 with Ipamorelin (ghrelin receptor agonist and growth hormone secretagogue).
  • Ibutamoren MK-677 (ghrelin receptor agonist and growth hormone secretagogue).
  • Testosterone cypionate (120mg per week "cruise dose").
  • Deca-Durabolin (Injectable Nandrolone) 120mg per week.
  • Winstrol (50mg per day)

One thing that stands out is he mentions a "cruise" dose for the test, implying he "blasts" this hormone. That's a term used in bodybuilding for people on testosterone that run heavier cycles of 6 to 10 weeks before backing off for a few months to "recover." In other words, Brian is a seasoned PED user, and he's likely been doing this for years.

Derek didn't reveal Vigorous Steve was the source of the emails. However, Steve's fans noticed that it was the information email he used when onboarding new clients. After his fans brought it up, Steve admitted to being the source of the emails to Derek from MPMD.

Derek also mentions how Brian sent the same email to him a year previously, in May 2021, when he still had an active link to his client onboarding business at the time. He mentions how he couldn't believe that he had the evidence sitting in his cluttered inbox the whole time.

With the Liver King exposed, the news spread around the internet like wildfire.

The Apology – Was It Genuine?

With the internet on fire about the news of Liver King's real source of his physique, it was only a matter of time before Brian took to his Instagram to issue his "apology." However, many top YouTubers rated his apology as disingenuous, including Derek from "More Plates More Dates," the man who outed Brian.

In the 6+ minute apology video, Liver King takes to the screen in his usual persona of being shirtless on camera. He admits that he "fked up" and that it's a complicated-as-fk topic." He claims he was doing it all for the "15-year-old boys" that are suicide risks.

During the video, he claims he's using a medical doctor for advice on "hormone replacement therapy." "HRT" or "TRT" (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) is a medically-prescribed dose of hormones, such as HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and testosterone, meant to replace the body's loss in output of these hormones as we age.

However, that's all blown out of the water, considering he's mentioned he's on a "cruise" dose of test cypionate, suggesting he's done multiple "blasts in the past.

Throughout the apology video, Brian points his finger to the sky and talks like he's reading off a prewritten script. The reality is Liver King is nothing more than a liar. Even when allowed to come clean and redeem himself, he chooses to play his character and leave as much out of what's really going on as possible.

The vast majority of the internet agrees with Liver King's apology being inauthentic. Even gaming YouTube superstar "PewDiePie," who has nothing to do with the bodybuilding and fitness industry, rated Liver King's apology video as a 3/10.

Is There Medical Evidence Supporting the Claims?

When asked on podcasts if his image on social media "The Liver King," helped to grow his supplement companies, Brian replied with a definitive "no." He claims he was rich before becoming a public figure, and his supplement companies were growing by 50% year-on-year, regardless of his influence.

It seems hard to imagine how his reputation didn't affect product sales through his three brands. Going back to the emails, he mentions he's "the face of his brand." So, this implies he knows he has some effect on the sales growth his companies experienced.

Brian says his companies generate over $100 million yearly, making him very wealthy. All on the back of him being a fake natty.

Brian has two supplement brands, "Heart & Soil" and "Ancestral Supplements." He appears to operate these two companies under the umbrella brand of "The Liver King." Heart & Soil and Ancestral Supplements sells encapsulated grass-fed desiccated beef liver for $65 a bottle. He also has several other desiccated products containing organs like the heart, spleen, kidney, beef tallow, protein shakes, etc.

If you think taking any of the products Brian offers will make you into a natural muscule-man/woman, think again.

Do You Have Legal Recourse Against the Liver King?

If you bought into the Liver Kings hype, you spent hundreds, maybe thousands, on bogus products from his two companies, you have a right to feel cheated – because you were. Brian built his business and reputation off the back of claiming he was natural while being juiced to the gills.

It would not be your fault if the Liver King suckered you into thinking the key to getting jacked and shredded was to eat liver and testicles, live "The 9 Ancestral Tenants," and take his supplements.

You may have a claim against Brian and his fraudulent behavior. Reach out to the professionals at California Law Firm to represent you. We'll assess your case and tell you if you have legal recourse against the Liver King and his lies.