Uber Accident Lawyer

Did you experience an injury or property damage in an accident with an Uber driver in the Golden State? You need an experienced, competent Uber accident lawyer in California to represent your interests. Don't delay. Take action and receive the compensation you deserve. Reach out to our law firm and speak with an attorney. We offer you a free consultation on the merits of your case.

We'll handle the claim on your behalf, guiding you through the process from start to finish. Our team of expert Uber driver lawyers has thousands of hours of experience investigating, building, filing, and litigating Uber accident claims. Don't accept anything less than the settlement you deserve. Contact us, and we'll ensure you get fair compensation.

An Uber accident can cause injuries to parties involved, property damage, and in some cases, fatalities. Appoint our legal experts, and we'll help you navigate the process. Don't let the insurance companies take advantage of your vulnerable position. With our team in your corner, you have top-rated attorneys looking after your interests.

A Brief history of Uber in California

California is the birthplace of ridesharing. Founded in San Francisco in 2009, Uber is one of California's biggest success stories and a unicorn of Silicon Valley investors. They have extensive resources to resolve and compensate victims of accidents involving their drivers.

More than 200,000 Uber drivers operate in California. The company is a huge employer in the state, with many gig workers relying on the service as their primary source of income or a second job to help them make ends meet.

Uber has a huge share of the rideshare market, with drivers completing more than 15 million daily rides across the United States. Uber drivers in its hometown complete an average of 150,000 intra-San Francisco rideshares daily.

Californians rely on Uber to get around, but many never stop to think that an Uber driver is just a driver, and there's always a possibility of them involving you in a car accident. Whether you're a passenger in an Uber or an Uber driver collides with your vehicle, you need to know how to handle the crash site and the resulting legal situation arising in its aftermath.

If the accident is the Uber driver's fault, you have a claim against them for any injuries, property damage, loss of income, or pain and suffering. Our firm can assist you with claiming the economic and non-economic damages arising from the accident. Regardless of the accident's severity, you need a professional Uber lawyer in California to handle your case.

Uber Car Accidents

California has one of the worst traffic problems in the country, especially around LA. Anyone caught on the 405 during rush hour will tell you it's the bane of their existence. Still, that doesn't stop people from driving, and the lack of public transport options in Cali means people rely on Uber a lot more in California than in other major cities like New York.

More Uber drivers on the road mean a higher chance of experiencing accidents involving Uber drivers. A study shows approximately 32,000 to 37,000 fatalities from automobile accidents occurred from 2010 to 2016 in the United States. Since California is the biggest local state economy in the US, it makes sense that the bulk of these fatalities occurred in California.

Uber drivers are responsible for a significant share of those accidents. The rising costs of living and gas in California, especially in cities like LA, San Francisco, and San Diego, mean Uber drivers find themselves needing to work harder to pay their bills. As a result, they are often driving impaired due to spending long hours behind the wheel. Driving tired could result in a severe accident, resulting in deaths of parties involved in the incident.

If you're involved in an Uber accident, you need an experienced Uber accident lawyer to handle your case. Whether it's a small fender-bender with minor injuries, or a severe accident resulting in wrongful death, you need a lawyer to work on your case. Contact our firm for immediate legal assistance.

Uber Insurance Requirements in California

Uber is a rideshare company that falls under the 'Transportation Network Companies' category in California. Commonly known as 'TNC' entities, these companies leverage technology to create communications between riders and drivers.

Unlike other vehicles or transportation services, these companies must follow specific regulations to remain in operation. For example, transportation network companies in California must register for and renew a permit to drive within the state.

Companies must restrict drivers from placing 'top lights' on the roof of Uber. Moreover, these companies must comply with all insurance obligations specified by the California assembly bill and California law.

As a company operating under the TNC legislation, Uber must offer protection to the victims of accidents involving its vehicles or drivers. The driver's Uber insurance policy covers the driver for their liability in these accidents, with the activity of the Uber driver determining the insurance policy coverage.

Uber drivers are independent contractors. That classification means their activity and time of duty depend solely on their preference. They choose their work hours and log onto the app when ready to complete a shift.

When an Uber driver is logged into the Uber app and an accident occurs when they are between passenger ride requests, the driver's private liability insurance policy covers the damages relating to the accident.

Anyone injured in an accident can claim compensation from Uber drivers. If an Uber driver accepts a ride request and, en route to the user, experiences an accident, it changes the dynamic of the insurance cover for the driver and parties involved in the crash.

Since the Uber driver is now driving for commercial purposes, Uber will be liable to pay for the liability costs occurring during an accident. The ridesharing drivers won't have to use their personal insurance policies.

Again, suppose an accident occurs when the driver is transporting the Uber passenger to the destination. In that case, Uber will need to step in and pay for all the accident victims' injuries. The driver's liability insurance will not apply to those injured in an accident.

Why You Should Hire an Experienced Uber Accident Lawyer

An experienced Uber accident lawyer helps you navigate the insurance and legal process resulting from an Uber accident. If you experience an injury or property damage in an Uber accident, you have the right to claim compensation for any repairs or medical bills.

However, filing your claim yourself is a mistake. Uber is well aware of your legal position and the recourse you have with the company. They have a huge legal budget to handle these claims. And they work with insurance adjusters to gain the upper hand in your settlement negotiation.

As a result, the adjuster will likely write down the value of your claim, low-balling you with a settlement offer. If you don't know any better, you might think you have no other option but to accept the settlement. However, when you have an experienced Uber accident attorney representing your interests, you have leverage over Uber.

Hiring an experienced attorney to handle your case takes the hassle and frustration out of navigating the claims and legal process. A team of personal injury attorneys manages your legal issues, guiding you through the process to a favorable settlement.

Here's what an Uber accident lawyer can do for you –

Protection from Insurers

Uber relies on its insurance partner to handle claims involving Uber driver accidents. So, essentially, you're not dealing with Uber. You're dealing with their insurance company. The insurer works in the interests of Uber and its shareholders. The more money they can save the company on its liability, the better it is for the insurer and Uber.

Without an experienced lawyer handling your claim, the adjusters will likely write down the value of your property damage and medical expenses. Since you don't know how to respond to these situations, you will probably accept the low-ball offer.

You need an Uber accident attorney to handle your insurance claim. Your lawyer works with your best interests in mind. Our firm has over a decade of experience in handling Uber claims. We know who to talk to and have working relationships with the adjusters and insurers.

With our team managing your claim, there's no chance of the adjuster low-balling your settlement. We ensure you get fair compensation for immediate and future expenses resulting from injuries, and we'll get you the market value for your property damage.

With an experienced, professional attorney managing your claim, you get the settlement you deserve. Reach out to us for a free consultation to discuss the merits of your case.

Determine Liability

It's challenging to prove liability for the accident on the scene. The shock of the accident may cause you to forget to capture the correct information from the driver and police for filing your claim. You're also unlikely to take photos of the scene and ask if there are any witnesses to the accident nearby.

Pulling out your phone and dialing your lawyer would be much easier. However, chances are you don't have a lawyer on retainer, and you're reading this because you're wondering if an attorney can help you get justice for the damage you incurred from your accident.

Our legal team consults with you for free on the details of your Uber accident. We'll investigate your claim based on the merits of the consultation. If we feel you have a claim, we'll file it on your behalf, with no upfront cost.

If we can prove liability for the accident, we'll take care of all the proceedings with the insurance company. With us in your corner, you'll get the settlement you deserve. In most cases, Uber will settle instead of going to court. We know how to structure and present your case to ensure you get the maximum settlement value from Uber.

Handling Your Case

Filing a claim with Uber to cover your financial, economic, and non-economic expenses arising from the accident is an extensive process. After appointing our Uber accident lawyers, we visit your crash site, conducting due diligence on the events leading up to the accident.

Our investigation determines the financial costs of your medical treatment and the extent of your injuries. You need the assistance of a lawyer to calculate the compensation due to you, depending on your injuries, damages, and other factors. After completing the due diligence, your attorney files your claim with the insurer on your behalf.

Your lawyer can claim compensation for wrongful death, current, and future medical expenses, lost income, property damage, emotional trauma, pain, suffering, etc. You can claim compensation for any disability, disfigurement, and loss of future earnings. A competent lawyer will recover the compensation you deserve.

What to Do After an Uber Accident

You need to protect your legal rights in the event of an Uber accident. It protects you from unwanted legal issues while building a strong case in your favor. Let's unpack the steps involved with filing, negotiating, and settling your claim.

Report the Accident

This should be the first thing to do in any car accident you're involved in. The Uber driver might try to talk you out of reporting the accident, but it is your legal responsibility to do so. Without an authentic police report on your accident, your case will have no value, and you'll have no evidence to support your claim.

If you decide to file an injury claim, the police report on your accident is the crux of the process. Ensure you report your accident to the police before filing a personal injury claim and recovering compensation.

Record the Drivers Insurance Information

Most of the time, Uber drivers try to talk you out of the case and refuse your demands to know about the car insurance policy. Some might say they have no insurance, even if they do. Uber may ban them from the driver platform depending on the liability cost of the accident. The company is not in the business of hiring bad drivers that cost them insurance settlements.

So, the driver will attempt to talk you down or lie about their insurance information. If your ridesharing driver does not cooperate, gather the data after the arrival of law enforcement on the scene. You must obtain as much information on personal auto insurance and the ridesharing driver's license to build a solid case and protect your legal rights.

Take Pictures of the Scene

Take your phone and start snapping pictures of the accident scene. Get as many angles of the accident as possible and take videos of the crash site. If there are witnesses nearby, take a video of their testimony and contact details.

Seek Medical Treatment

If you're involved in a severe accident, you won't be in any condition to capture information from the driver or the scene.

If you've faced serious injuries, get medical treatment as soon as possible. If you are conscious, keep all the records related to your extent of injuries, medical bills, and any future treatment requirements. These records help you file a personal injury claim and recover compensation from the party involved in the accident or their insurer.

Contact an Uber Accident Lawyer

Reach out to our law firm for assistance with handling your case. If you call us from the accident scene and appoint us, we will start working for you immediately. The sooner you contact us, the better, as it makes the due diligence on your case easier to conduct, resulting in a better chance of receiving a maximum settlement.

However, contact our offices regardless of when the accident occurred., If it's within the statute of limitations, we'll evaluate your case and choose to pursue it based on its merits. An experienced personal injury attorney can protect you from insurance companies and help you obtain compensation.

What You Can Expect from Us

If you've been involved in an Uber accident case and it's leading you nowhere, don't worry because we can help.

Reach out and book a free consultation with our experienced Uber accident attorneys. We'll listen to your case and advise you of any legal recourse available to you. We have expertise in building and managing personal injury lawsuits. It won't matter when the ridesharing accident occurred or who was involved in the case.

Uber accident cases can be challenging to navigate from a legal perspective. If you don't have any experience with it, you're likely to end up waiting months or years for your settlement, and when you do receive it, it's a low-ball offer eaten away by inflation.

If the accident leaves you with serious injuries, you may lose your job and income. The trauma involved with a serious accident could last for years, requiring expensive medical treatments that you must pay for out-of-pocket. Our Uber accident lawyers help you recover compensation for lost income.

Our rideshare accident attorney team can conduct a proper investigation to determine the extent of your injuries, property damage, and lost income. We'll provide an accurate calculation of the compensation due to you.

With our legal team representing you in the claims process, you get the settlement you deserve. We have a track record of success with securing our clients the compensation they need to get the treatment they deserve, replace their property, and compensate them for any loss to their quality of life or income.

Final Words

With a competent Uber accident lawyer in California managing your claim, you get a hands-off claims process that removes the hassle of a frustrating situation. From determining liability to calculating the settlement costs, our qualified lawyers handle every aspect of your claim.
Reach out to our law offices today. We'll arrange a consultation to review the merits of your case. There is no cost for this service; if we feel you have a case, we'll pursue it and take our fees out of the settlement figure.